5 Steps to Getting Your Financial House in Order

  • On : June 9, 2015

Direction to go in to get your financial house in order compass on top of pile of moneyAre your finances a mess and need some cleaning up? The first and most important part of getting your financial house in order, is organization. Organization is key in keeping order within your finances and managing them easily and securely in the long run. The following are five steps you can rely on for putting your financial house in order.


1. Organization is essential. You must organize everything to such a level that you understand how much cash flow you have, your recurring and discretionary expenses, your net worth, and much more.


2. With everything organized, you can now begin tracking your finances. Amongst other things, this means you’ll understand how much you’re spending, where your money is coming from and going to, how often you’re making payments, etc.


3. Keep your receipts every month so you can reconcile your accounts too. This way, you’ll be able to identify any alleged purchases that deserve a quicker look because you lack a receipt for them.


4. Next, it’s time to begin budgeting in earnest because you now have the information you need to do so. Furthermore, you should be ranking your debts so you can go after the most important ones first before moving on to others. Budgeting also means thinking of things you’d like to save for. Having this money on hand when you finally need it will mean keeping the rest of your finances safe.


5. Finally, along the way, you should have been building and nurturing a very important trait: self-discipline. Without it, you simply won’t get the financial rewards you’ve otherwise been working so hard for.


It might seem simple, but this is really all it takes. A little organization and time put into getting your financial house in order and maintaining it once done so, can go a lot farther than one may initially think. Our advice? Simply follow the 5 steps outlined above and your financial house will soon be in order.


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Chris Baker
Chris Baker