Financial Case Study: Bill

  • On : April 24, 2015

We love releasing case studies here at Baker DDM. For one thing, we’re extremely proud of the work we’re able to do. However, we also know that a financial case study like this one helps to paint a more relatable picture of what we’re able to do at our firm. Our firm doesn’t believe in trying to apply the same solution to every type of person. We respect that everyone is unique and want to prove that we know how to approach people in an array of different solutions.

One man we were recently able to help we’ll call Bill. Like many people in Atlanta, he was a busy professional who needed help staying on top of his personal finances and putting them to work for himself.

Another issue he had that a lot of you can probably relate to is credit card debt. When he came to Baker DDM, Bill was buried under $20k worth of it. It was hard for him to imagine a life without that huge burden following him everywhere he went.

So Bill began working with one of our daily money managers who helped him implement a savings plan. Immediately, he was able to cut $2k from his monthly budget, just like that. That led to him being able to pay down that monstrous $20k debt in 2013. Thanks to the savings plans he and his financial planner put together, his future prospects look a lot better for his finances as well. Bill now has short and long term goals he’s savings toward, as opposed to some vague number he used to aim for in the past.

Today, Bill is financially healthier than ever before. He continues to work with his financial planner to revise his strategy and build a big picture idea for where he wants his money to go.

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