April Is Financial Literacy Month – Learn More about Money Management

  • On : April 24, 2015

Americans are in a tough financial situation and have been for some time. However, it’s not all about the state of the economy. A great deal of the nation’s financial trouble stems not from international economic fluctuations, but from a lack of financial understanding in money management on the part of consumers, particularly young adults. Did you know:

  • Three-quarters of the American public feel poorly informed about how to manage their household finances.
  • Almost half of American parents think our schools are doing a poor job of teaching kids about money.
  • The average graduate student has $7,831 in credit card debt when they get out of school.
  • The fastest growing segment of bankruptcy filings is young adults, aged 20-24.

Those are some sobering statistics, and clearly highlight the need for more financial understanding. That’s the entire point behind Financial Literacy Month, which runs through April. During the course of the month, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) will be providing important tips, tools and lessons for both young adults and older adults to help them better understand how to handle their finances. From credit card debt to household budgeting, these topics touch on the most important areas for Americans to understand regarding the management of their finances.

Finances can be immensely confusing for those without an education and formal training with money matters. That’s one reason we at Baker DMM began offering our services – our daily money management solutions ensure that everyday Americans, from students to parents to grandparents and even busy professionals can achieve the financial understanding and peace of mind they need. From bill reminders to clearly explained financial statements, we can help with all of your daily financial needs and ensure that you build the brightest possible future. Contact us today to learn more about our DMM service.

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