Financial Services Offered

  • On : June 9, 2015

Like all financial services companies, we’re proud of the many ways we can help our customers. At Baker DMM, we don’t offer any one service. In fact, we like to think we offer a number of financial services that can help where our customers’ finances are involved.

The main approach we take is to look at finances as an entire system that expands far outside of just your bank account and how much you make. This holistic approach is designed to also address the various personal influences that can affect your financial health as well.

Let’s first look at organization. We train our customers to keep their finances organized. These days, this is easier than ever before when you consider all your virtual options. However, we also stress that you should have a place where you look over financial issues at home too, and this means your desk, computer space, and any storage you need for paperwork. It also means your computer itself and how you organize the digital side of things, whether it’s ID’s and passwords, Excel sheets, desktop icons, etc.

Obviously, the less paper you’re using, the better. We want to look at the psychological element too. You need discipline to make the most of your finances and we’ve found that this is often where our customers fall a bit short. By leveraging technology the right way, you’ll have a slew of reminders available to make sure you’re making payments on time, setting money aside, etc.

Cell phones are a lot of help in this regard too. Today’s models can do more than just make a phone call or send a text, as you probably know. Instead, they can be one of your best allies in curtailing bad spending habits and keeping you on track toward your financial goals.

At Baker DMM, we’ll do more than just get your finances in order. All of the above, we do with KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) in mind so that you can learn the no-stress way to becoming better with money.