Military Families Find Benefits with Daily Money Management

  • On : April 24, 2015

Millions of Americans serve in the US Armed Forces, from the Army to the Navy, the Marines, Air Force and more. The choice to enter the Armed Forces might be motivated by a desire for training, for steady income, or more patriotic reasons. Regardless of your reasons for getting in, though, chances are good that you’ve encountered the single most common issue to face American military families – financial struggles.

According to a survey conducted by the Military Family Research Institute, nearly 60% of enlisted service members have financial problems, and 40% of those surveyed feel that they can’t control their debt, that it’s a mounting problem rapidly destroying their lives. In 2006, Seaport Magazine released a report highlighting that the primary cause of sailors losing security clearances was financial trouble. Money woes don’t affect only your ability to pay your bills on time. They can affect your ability to earn more, or even maintain your current earning ability.

Most Americans struggle with finances, but it can be even harder for military members. Active service members are often away from home, with no way to handle bills or other financial issues. Those problems mount while you’re out in the field, and become serious disasters when you come home.

Daily money management services from Baker DMM are the solution to your problem. We specialize in helping our clients, including active military service members build a successful, strong, healthy financial foundation and future. We handle it all ensuring that you don’t have to burden friends or family with handling your affairs while you’re away. Don’t become a statistic. Let Baker DMM help you find the way out.

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