Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness is What They Say… But…

  • On : June 9, 2015

You’ve heard it said once, and you’ll hear it said again. Money doesn’t buy happiness. True enough. Money as its own reward can, in truth, be a bad thing – and this is coming for an accountant. That being said, it’s not always true to think of money in this way.

The fact is that money is a necessary component of leading a life in our culture. And though money, in and of itself, might not buy you happiness, it is the avenue through which we achieve the things that we want. A new state-of-the-art tablet or laptop? Going to need money. That flat screen television for binge watching Game of Thrones? Going to need money again. That sweet new convertible? Well, I think you see where this is going.

While it’s important to have goals for our money and things that we want to get with it, it’s important to not spend it frivolously. When we think about money in the way that we’ve been thinking about it above, we’re tempted to play fast and loose with it. Doing so prevents us from achieving those long-term goals with our money, and those long-term goals are the ones the yield us the most happiness in our lives – more happiness than a fancy car or a sweet flat-screen television.

So here’s my advice to you when thinking about the money that you have. Learn to place value on the money itself rather than upon the frivolous things you purchase with it. Doing so will enable you to save more frequently and at higher volumes, which will in turn enable you do get the things really want. And, sparing that, having adequate savings will get you one of the most valuable things you can own: peace of mind.