Taking Financial Inventory: What Your Wallet & Refrigerator Have In Common

  • On : June 9, 2015

You might not think that your wallet and your refrigerator have a lot in common, and you’re probably right on most counts. But, on a philosophical level, the two share something in common that’s very instructive to taking financial inventory.

Take your refrigerator, and think about everything that’s in it. If someone who didn’t know you had the chance to look through it, what would they find? Would they find half-empty containers of Chinese food from last week? Maybe they wouldn’t find much at all. Maybe they’d find a well-stocked crisper full of fruits and vegetables sitting below a container of Soy Milk.

Your refrigerator, like it or not, tells a story about you, about who you are and what you value. That’s why, for example, Gordon Ramsay spends so much time going through restaurant’s pantries on Kitchen Nightmares. He knows he can tell what kinds of business owners that he’s dealing with by understanding how they treat their walk-in refrigerators.

Your wallet is much the same. By taking an inventory of what’s in it and where your money is going, you can tell a lot about your spending habits and financial acumen. In many ways, when we help our clients, we’re a lot like Chef Ramsay sorting out the mess in the walk-in. But, we have a much softer approach, for sure. So, don’t worry!

The next time you pull out your wallet, think a little bit about the story it tells about you. By taking a financial inventory, you may be able to realize ways in which you can improve your financial status and wellbeing. Even better, why not let us take a look for you? We’re experts when it comes to reading the story in your wallet, and helping you craft a new narrative for your financial future.

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