Daily Money Management = Peace of Mind for Seniors

  • On : April 24, 2015

For those in their retirement years, protecting your financial situation is of paramount importance. Whether you’re living on a set amount of money each month or want to ensure that the legacy you plan to leave your children and grandchildren is protected, daily money management services provide peace of mind for and security for seniors.

 Protecting Your Finances

Every day, it seems another headline hits the news of how seniors have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals and companies. From hidden fees to overcharges on accounts, companies and creditors today routinely use a range of underhanded tools to siphon more money away from seniors. Baker DMM protects our senior clients from being taken advantage of by ensuring there is always someone watching your financial accounts and analyzing the transactions, charges and fees.

 Staying Organized

Just because you’ve entered retirement doesn’t mean that your bills have stopped. In fact, sometimes it’s harder for seniors to stay organized than it is for younger adults. Baker DMM understands how hard it can be, and we ensure that you’re always organized when it comes to bills, payments and financial statements. Late payments not only hurt your credit rating, but they cost you more through late fees and other charges.

 Monthly Reporting and Bill Reminder

We’re proud of the freedom and peace of mind we can offer our senior clients. We protect the money you have saved, ensure your bills are paid, and keep your checkbook balanced. If you know of Senior that needs help, contact us today to learn more.

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