Does this surprise you?

Almost all senior caregivers are also financial caregivers.

About 20 million Americans became caregivers in 2016; 92% of whom also have responsibilities as financial caregivers.

Getting to know Baker DMM

In 2012 Chris Baker, CPA was introduced to the growing social need to protect seniors from financial fraud and elder abuse. Blending his entrepreneurial spirit with an absolute commitment to long term service relationships, he founded Baker Daily Money Management (Baker DMM). In this new capacity, Chris pivoted from conducting Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance audits which help protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures, to shielding seniors and their families from elder financial abuse.

Seven years later, Baker DMM is a full-service financial services firm enhancing client lives by safeguarding their economic security. Baker DMM’s fiercely loyal client base is built on Chris's strong community presence and personal sense of duty to protect seniors’ fiscal health while supporting their financial caregivers.

Chris Baker, CPA Baker DMM Financial Services Atlanta, GA

Chris Baker, CPA


As a leading financial services company, Baker DMM strives to positively impact our society by providing results to our clients through performance excellence. We work with people, not businesses, and we listen before we talk. We protect personal data, respect boundaries, and guard privacy. We give our clients peace of mind by delivering trustworthy accounting and financial services.


Become a trusted partner by helping our clients maintain excellent financial health through affordable solutions to daily money management problems.


Seniors and their caregivers have access to affordable, honest, and expert daily money managers.

We promise to:

  • Act decisively

  • Respond quickly

  • Model integrity

  • Respect privacy

  • Take a personal interest

  • Deliver useful information


How people feel about Baker DMM:

“Baker DMM provided me with a comprehensive look at my personal financial situation. Establishing a budget and receiving their monthly financial reports were invaluable to me. I now have a concrete plan for managing my cash-flow more efficiently and will be able to better handle my personal finances moving forward.”

Mike Davis
Commercial Real Estate Services

“Baker DMM has been a tremendous resource in helping us organize our financial affairs, think about our long-term goals, and move in the right direction to achieve those goals. We are very grateful to Baker DMM. Chris Baker is a fair, honest, and diligent professional and who always made himself readily available if we had questions. We will continue to recommend Baker DMM to family and friends.”

Farah Hottle
Senior Consultant at Vaco Resources

“Baker DMM took the time to clearly understand what I was looking for. They were right on target with the following: 1.) Understanding my needs 2.) Making sure I knew what to expect during the engagement 3.) Being on-time completing the project 4.) Above all, they followed up with me to make sure they completed the work to my satisfaction and explained and presented the completed work to me.”

Vice President, Financial Services

“I have had a professional working relationship with Chris for the past 5 years. He is a person of unquestionable integrity who is dedicated to producing quality work while maintaining a professional, yet personable, relationship with clients.”

Jeff Pruet
Compliance Manager, Bluelinx Holdings, Inc.

Baker DMM Daily Money Management Services and Financial Caregiving for Seniors Financial Caregiver Badge

Baker Daily Money Management is your economic first responder...

... guarding against theft, reducing exposure to financial fraud, and protecting family assets. Our clients hire us on their terms, for limited or extensive services. As their financial advocate, our clients invite us into their homes or join us in our offices to assist them with everything from mail review to bill paying to long-term financial decision making. We’ll design your financial caregiving plan according to a proven, reliable process then flex it to meet your specific needs.

  • Are you holding back on making time-sensitive decisions on behalf of an aging or ailing family member?

  • Do you have an action plan if you suddenly become a financial caregiver?

  • How will this new role impact your standard of living or alter your lifestyle?

At Baker DMM, all your questions matter so let’s get your answers now.

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