Does this surprise you?

You need a break to avoid burning out.

Respite is essential in preventing burnout and keeping caregivers healthy yet 1 out of 3 caregivers who want relief, do not get it.

Trustworthy Support with Daily Money Management Tasks

As a certified public accountant, Chris Baker sets higher standards for himself and his team. They go beyond routine bookkeeping to compassionately and respectfully assess how individuals manage their daily financial activities. As a son, he recognizes the emotions surrounding aging in place and end of life challenges, as well as the profound desire to preserve independence, dignity, and preserving family legacy.

Most people, especially those new to the role of financial caregiver, are unfamiliar with the idea of “daily money management.” They are usually surprised to learn that protecting a senior loved one’s economic security doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or all-consuming task. Sure, every family situation is different but Baker DMM still begins each client relationship with a genuine desire to help relieve daily financial management burdens while maintaining independence and dignity.

Assuming responsibility for a loved one’s bookkeeping, reconciling credit card statements, and keeping up with bill payments can be daunting. Uncertainties and concerns seem endless. So, no matter how far-fetched a question might seem, you need answers. Baker DMM has easily understood useful, and respectful information. We’re available via email, text, or phone and will respond to all communications within one business day.

Let’s talk about how Baker DMM can assist you, or an aging loved one, do things like pay bills on time and monitor accounts for potential fraud or identity theft.

Who We Help:

Seniors, Their Family Members, and Financial Caregivers

Natural aging brings diminished physical and/or mental capacity as well as increased possibilities of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As baby boomers cross into retirement, these unwanted consequences of aging challenge them, and often their adult children, to adjust all kinds of activities, including daily money management tasks. Family members often find themselves unexpectedly thrown into the caregiver role, charged with protecting a senior loved one from financial fraud and safeguarding family assets.  Baker DMM was purposely built to bring seniors and their families financial peace of mind by supporting them on this journey.

People in all types of economic, social, and personal situations trust their daily money management tasks to Baker DMM including:

Smiling senior couple financial fraud solutions

Fully competent, active seniors who simply prefer a CPA administer their day-to-day financial activity so they have more free time

senior couple doing finances protection against financial fraud

Individuals choosing to age in place but hoping to lessen the burden of routine money management tasks

senior man and middle aged son need help with protection against financial fraud and elder abuse

Middle-aged adult children navigating demanding lives caring for aging parents, raising their own children, and working full time

financial caregivers for the elderly protecting against financial fraud and elder abuse

Seniors in assisted living facilities requiring added help with financial tasks

physically and mentally diminished seniors need help managing finances and protecting against financial fraud

Physically and/or mentally diminished elders, incapable of keeping up with daily money tasks

happy senior couple smiling daily money management services for seniors

Anyone at significant risk of becoming a victim of financial fraud or abuse

Baker DMM helps seniors, or their caregivers, simplify and organize daily money management activities. When assisting with an aging relative’s financial tasks becomes overwhelming, we lighten the load. When people spend more hours untangling bank statements than enjoying their lives, we bring back their free time. Wondering if you, or a loved one, need Baker DMM?  Consider the following questions then use our checklist to help you decide:

How We Help:

Safeguarding Financial Health

Partnering with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help navigate daily financial tasks might seem a bit over the top. But, in today’s high-speed, fully digitized, open-access world, hiring a professional daily money manager to help protect family assets from financial fraud, or a senior loved one’s economic security, is often a necessity.

Your daily money management life gets easier as we go to work on your behalf. Baker DMM’s one-to-one approach:

  • Means every phone call is between you and a real person. No automated systems repeating one-size-fits-all messages

  • Assures you we’re making time to understand your goals and objectives

  • Grants you regular opportunities to update Baker DMM regarding your, or a loved one’s, financial economic status

  • Creates open access to Baker DMM resources including senior care experts, to answer aging-related questions

  • Empowers you to confidently make daily, and long-term, financial decisions

  • Reduces your burden as the sole financial caregiver

  • Brings your peace of mind knowing a trusted advocate is protecting your, or a senior family member’s, financial welfare

During our initial discussions, we’ll help you decide which of our services solve your daily money management problems as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Where would you like to start? We can assist with:

  • Financial monitoring of bank accounts and credit cards, especially to detect signs of fraud

  • Budget implementation and management

  • Mail review, particularly to track important financial documents

  • Understanding new financial technology, including setting bill paying and online banking

  • Monthly financial reporting

  • Serving as power of attorney

  • Short term purchase decisions and long-term financial choices

Once we agree to work together, we’ll customize your Letter of Engagement (LOE) detailing:

  • Services selected

  • Frequency of services

  • Duration of services

  • Primary contacts

  • Payment terms (ongoing services are priced monthly, or you can engage Baker DMM at $100/hour as needed)

Composure. Integrity. Reliability. Trustworthiness. Expertise. Patience. Kindness. Ready now. Baker DMM.

By the way, if you found our website searching for something currently beyond our scope of services, contact us and we’ll help you connect with whatever trustworthy professional you are looking for.

Listen to clients Jim and Barb describe the financial peace of mind and freedom they depend on from Baker DMM.


How people feel about Baker DMM:

“Baker DMM provided me with a comprehensive look at my personal financial situation. Establishing a budget and receiving their monthly financial reports were invaluable to me. I now have a concrete plan for managing my cash-flow more efficiently and will be able to better handle my personal finances moving forward.”

Mike Davis
Commercial Real Estate Services

“Baker DMM has been a tremendous resource in helping us organize our financial affairs, think about our long-term goals, and move in the right direction to achieve those goals. We are very grateful to Baker DMM. Chris Baker is a fair, honest, and diligent professional and who always made himself readily available if we had questions. We will continue to recommend Baker DMM to family and friends.”

Farah Hottle
Senior Consultant at Vaco Resources

“Baker DMM took the time to clearly understand what I was looking for. They were right on target with the following: 1.) Understanding my needs 2.) Making sure I knew what to expect during the engagement 3.) Being on-time completing the project 4.) Above all, they followed up with me to make sure they completed the work to my satisfaction and explained and presented the completed work to me.”

Vice President, Financial Services

“I have had a professional working relationship with Chris for the past 5 years. He is a person of unquestionable integrity who is dedicated to producing quality work while maintaining a professional, yet personable, relationship with clients.”

Jeff Pruet
Compliance Manager, Bluelinx Holdings, Inc.

Baker DMM Daily Money Management Services and Financial Caregiving for Seniors Financial Caregiver Badge

Baker Daily Money Management is your economic first responder...

... guarding against theft, reducing exposure to financial fraud, and protecting family assets. Our clients hire us on their terms, for limited or extensive services. As their financial advocate, our clients invite us into their homes or join us in our offices to assist them with everything from mail review to bill paying to long-term financial decision making. We’ll design your financial caregiving plan according to a proven, reliable process then flex it to meet your specific needs.

  • Are you holding back on making time-sensitive decisions on behalf of an aging or ailing family member?

  • Do you have an action plan if you suddenly become a financial caregiver?

  • How will this new role impact your standard of living or alter your lifestyle?

At Baker DMM, all your questions matter so let’s get your answers now.

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