Daily Money Management Services for Seniors

Baker DMM specializes in providing financial peace of mind to our Senior Clients and their families. As daily money managers, we keep our client’s affairs organized, develop a plan to maximize financial efficiency, help avoid being targeted for scams, and make sure bills are getting paid on time.

With our team of proven industry professionals and money managers, we are prepared to help our Clients through any situation regarding their finances whether it’s managing their online bill payments to assisting them with long term financial decisions. At Baker DMM, we understand that some of our Clients only require a little help. The extent of our involvement is always up to you. We can come to your home if requested or work from our office. Our goal is to establish a personal and lasting relationship with all of our Clients.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you had…
  • Someone on your side helping protect your legacy and inheritance
  • Someone that you could speak with to ask any question you have about your personal finances
  • Someone that made sure you stayed financially organized

Baker DMM can help make this possible! We strive to help Seniors be financially secure, and take a very personal approach to helping our Clients. We uphold the highest ethics and standards when doing all Client work.

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Over time, Baker DMM understands that paperwork, organization and financial decisions can become a burden to you. Not only that, but it is time consuming and can take away from time spent with loved ones or pastimes that you enjoy. That is why as a team of professional money managers, we offer our help and guidance in assisting Seniors with their daily money matters.

Studies show that elderly people are conned out of $2.9 billion every year, but experts believe only 1 out of every 44 cases of elder financial fraud are reported… so this number could be over $40 billion every year. We are here to be financial advocates for our Senior Clients and bring them peace of mind through our financial monitoring services.

Families of Seniors

Baker DMM understands that time constraints, distance, and other responsibilities can become overwhelming to families. That is why we bring peace of mind to the families of Seniors by handling the day to day financial obligations that can be so time consuming. Baker DMM acts with integrity and honesty in all of our work and customizes solutions specifically for the family and their loved ones. We are there to help!

Providers seeking help for client

Are you a professional seeking financial organization and security for a Senior Client? Baker DMM is a valuable partner and can assist in the goals set for your Client. We can customize solutions specifically for your Client’s needs, making sure that all goals are met.

“Think Forward, Live In The Moment”

None of the above?

So you’re not a senior or a family member of a senior? Don’t worry we can still help. Whether you are a busy professional trying to save time, or a young adult just trying to learn how to effectively manage your money, we are here to assist you. Contact us today so we can discuss the issues you are facing and how Baker DMM can help you.