Q3 2012 Newsletter

Who are we targeting?

Senior Citizens: 65 and older

Why is daily money management valuable to senior citizens?

FINANCIAL FRAUD – In 2011, it was reported by the MetLife Mature Market Institute that older Americans were swindled out of $2.9 billion due to elder financial abuse. For the complete article, see the following link:




Once people hit the age of 65, the chances for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other mental illnesses begin to increase. With a population of 38 million, which is expected to double in the next 30 years, more and more Americans 65 and older will need help with daily money management tasks. For the complete article, see the following link:




Examples of elder financial abuse:



  • A senior couple in their 70s and 80s were scammed out of thousands. See article @ http://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/elder-fraud-one-couples-1463920.html


What do we do? What is daily money management?


Baker DMM specializes in helping clients manage their day to day financial activity.  We offer a confusion free, straight to the point solution which includes providing a monthly snapshot of financial activity, account reconciliations, bill pay services, assistance with cash decisions, and completion of tax returns. With Baker DMM monitoring daily cash activity, we can help increase the chance that financial fraud and abuse against senior citizens will be caught before the crime gets too far.


Where is this service provided?


Baker DMM is currently targeting seniors 65 and older in the Sarasota, FL market. Even if your loved one, your family member, or your friend is located outside of the Sarasota area, please contact us.  We can search our database and would be happy to help find a DMM provider in their area. Although Sarasota is the location we are targeting, our goal is to be a connector for any person in need of daily money management services, wherever they are located.


How can you help?


If you or anyone you know has loved ones, parents, or grandparents over the age of 65:


  • Email – forward this Baker DMM email to the referral in need or their guardian or you can email Baker DMM directly @ chris@bakerdmm.com





  • Blogs/ListServ forums – You can post Baker DMMs contact information on blogs and Listserv forums (i.e. neighborhood bulletins for communities such as I-neighbors)


Baker DMM appreciates all of your support and referrals. We look forward to serving the Seniors in the community of Sarasota, and helping connect people all over the country. The best way for business to grow is by referral and word of mouth by you!


For more information on what all financial and daily money management services we provide senior citizens with, visit here.



Thank you for your time!


The Baker DMM Team