7 Signs of Identity Theft

identifty theft

While the digital age has brought us countless benefits, unfortunately, it’s also meant a number of new challenges too. One of these is identity theft, something we all need to be vigilant about at all times.

Here are seven signs you may be a victim of identity theft:

Bills for Things You Didn’t Buy

You should never take this kind of thing lightly. Some thieves use small purchases first as a test to see how you’ll react. Show them you’re always on the lookout and report the purchase immediately.

rates and charges bank statement sign of identity theftStatements for Accounts That Aren’t Yours

Again, if you receive a credit card statement in the mail for a name that isn’t yours, don’t just toss it in the trash. If the address is yours, that could mean a thief has applied for one in your name and is now about to enjoy a spending spree.

A New Card Shows Up in the Mail

Likewise, you may receive a credit card or store charge card in the mail, but don’t remember ever applying for it. Don’t assume it happened in a moment of absentmindedness. Instead, call the company and cancel immediately.

Collections for Debt You Don’t Owe

You must always take collection notices seriously. However, this is especially true when they’re sent to you for debts you don’t owe. They won’t just go away because you ignore them, especially if it’s because someone is spending money and charging you.

financial documents mail credit report banking signs of identity theftErrors on Your Credit Report

Every 12 months, get a credit report from TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian. You’re entitled to a free one from each every year. Then pour over them for anything that doesn’t reflect your spending and report it right away.

An Application for Credit Comes Back Denied

If you have good credit but are denied an application for credit, something doesn’t add up. Your score could have been vandalized by an identity theft.

Missing Mail

Whether it’s the real thing or email, if you’re not getting statements from your bank or credit card company, a thief may be at work, having filed a change of address form in your name.

In Conclusion

Never ignore one of the above signs, especially when you consider it takes all of five minutes to follow up on something that looks suspicious.


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