Financial Threats Facing the Elderly

financial threats

In a recent article in the Herald Tribune, reporter Barbara Peters Smith spoke with a general practice attorney named Jack Windt, who has extensive experience handling wills and trusts for the elderly. While we’re quite aware of the financial threats that face our many elderly clients, we were somewhat sobered by what Jack Windt had to say.   In…

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Senior Money Moments May Have Serious Consequences

senior money moments

Getting older is a natural part of life, but unfortunately, it can also come with those senior money moments. For many people, this means momentary lapses in memory or judgment. However, it can also mean serious consequences when these issues affect one’s money. This is a great reason to have a daily money manager on your side, as…

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Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse

protecting the elderly

It goes without saying that we all love our parents. This is why getting older, as a child, can often be difficult, as it sometimes means watching our beloved parents struggle. One especially challenging situation is when they’re struggling because other people are trying to swindle them for money. Such a crime is referred to as elderly financial abuse.…

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7 Signs of Identity Theft

identifty theft

While the digital age has brought us countless benefits, unfortunately, it’s also meant a number of new challenges too. One of these is identity theft, something we all need to be vigilant about at all times. Here are seven signs you may be a victim of identity theft: Bills for Things You Didn’t Buy You should never…

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Free Advice to Protect Your Family from Identity Theft!

identity theft

We recently received one of those chain emails that, despite being a chain email, actually had some pretty useful information about simple things you can do to protect your identity – and the contents of your wallet! In the interest of helping you, our clients, better protect yourselves from the dire consequences of identity theft, we figured we’d pass…

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A Sad Tale of a Defrauded Senior Citizen

defrauded senior

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, then it’s possible that you heard about this story of a defrauded senior citizen. Regardless, we thought it was worth sharing, because it speaks to the financial peril that faces senior citizens throughout the country, including many of our clients.   Recently a family realized that their father, who…

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Mishandling Financial Documents Increases the Risk of Identity Theft

mishandling financial docs

Even as businesses, credit card companies and banks continue to push most of their correspondence onto the Internet, the truth is that we still get a lot of paper mail piling up at home. If you’ve been a good citizen, then you’ve been dutifully keeping track of all of those credit card statements, bank statements and other similar financial…

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