Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse

protecting the elderly

elderly couple meeting with daily money manager to prevent elderly financial abuseIt goes without saying that we all love our parents. This is why getting older, as a child, can often be difficult, as it sometimes means watching our beloved parents struggle. One especially challenging situation is when they’re struggling because other people are trying to swindle them for money. Such a crime is referred to as elderly financial abuse.


This type of malicious act can take on a number of different guises. However, a lot of times, it’s perpetuated by people who are leveraging technology in order to get the money they want. They essentially play on the fact that many elderly people simply don’t understand much of what the digital age entails.

Hand stealing taking money out of back jeans pocket victim of elderly financial abuse

Sadder still, though, is how many elderly people lose great sums of money because of their children. One way or another, they simply take money from their parents, often even justifying it to themselves somehow. A lot of times, this swindle is able to happen because parents trust their children to do right by them and then the kids don’t leave records behind. By omitting any documentation of what they did, it makes it that much easier to take money from the people who raised them and to make their parents victims of elderly financial abuse.


Of course, you may be reading this and yet don’t feel worried about your parents because they’re no longer with us. Maybe you’re now the elderly parent and you’re suspicious about being financially abused or simply don’t want it to ever happen. These are perfectly understandable feelings.


Whatever the case, though, Baker DMM can definitely help. Amongst other things, we’ll provide the essential third-party perspective you need on your finances to ensure they’re being handled correctly. That alone can often keep you save. No one’s going to think they can get away with these devious acts when they know that financial professionals will be looking them over.


So, don’t let your finances or those of your parents get raided by malicious people.


Instead, hire Baker DMM to keep the world honest and you’ll keep more of your money in the process. Get started now:


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