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In today’s digital age, every company needs to do their best to stay connected with their clientele through social media. It’s just too great a tool not to leverage to its fullest. With that perspective in mind, Baker DMM has made social media a priority in order to better serve our market. With social media, we also look forward to interacting with our market on a regular basis.


Stay connected on social media phone with social media network icons and profile pictures social screen on top of computer laptop keyboard blueWe maintain an active presence on the most popular of platforms. So you can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Across all of these, we serve our valued customers with free information and advice as well as online tools you can use to get and keep control of your financial well-being. Baker DMM will always be here to help you, and when you stay connected with us through social media, it’s just another way for us to do just that. We are always supportive of our client’s independence and playing a role in helping them educate themselves. Of course, part of the feedback loop should mean hearing your ideas about how we can better use social media to serve your needs. This is important information we’d love to hear about and there’s no better way than directly from the people we care about most. That goes with any of the services we provide or methods we use.


So don’t wait until our next meeting to get help with your finances. Check in regularly with our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. The aforementioned platforms have all been great mediums of communication for companies and their customers.


Better yet, connect your own accounts to them so you’re automatically kept in the loop as new information comes out. You won’t want to miss how Baker DMM plans to help you save and grow your money. Baker DMM looks forward to hearing from you and finding ever-new ways to continue the conversation about your financial situation.


About the author – Chris Baker, CPA formed Baker DMM, LLC in 2012 as a full service daily money management firm providing daily money management services to Seniors, Busy Professionals, and Young Adults. Preceding Baker DMM, Chris spent 6 years as a Sarbanes-Oxley Consultant working for fast-growing private and middle market public companies. He can be reached at


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